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Other Goods/Stationery/Pets >> Stationery >> Stamps/Seals >> my-hanko Clip name Beckoning cat Rose
Other Goods/Stationery/Pets >> By Brand >> my-hanko (Order-Made Stamps/Seals) >> my-hanko Clip name Beckoning cat Rose

my-hanko Clip name Beckoning cat Rose

JP¥ 3,660   (US$ 29.55)
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There is a clip for this hanko so you can keep it in your breast pocket. The calligraphy style is Kaisho font (printed style). It is possible to re-ink Clip name. Please use the special ink that is available for this purpose.
•Size/ Seal face: 9mm diameter (circle),​ Stick width: 12mm (hexagonal),​ Stick length: 80mm (incl. cap)
•Stick color: Rose pink
•Material: Acrylic resin
Item No.  211462R1

my-hanko Clip name Beckoning cat Rose
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