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Other Goods/Stationery/Pets >> By Brand >> Kokuyo (Office Supplies) >> Emergency Set (Disaster Prevention Pro) (Desk-Side Type)
Other Goods/Stationery/Pets >> Stationery >> Office Supplies >> Emergency Set (Disaster Prevention Pro) (Desk-Side Type)

Emergency Set (Disaster Prevention Pro) (Desk-Side Type)

JP¥ 4,000   (US$ 38.88)
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Emergency set with magnetic back so that you can store it against your desk or steel cabinet. Your emergency set should always be readily available.
●Materials: PP,​ Outer portion: nylon
●Measurements: 190 x 60 x 225mm
●Set Contents: Disaster Prevention Key Notes,​ Whistle,​ Safety Hat,​ Mask,​ Safety Light
●With plate magnet for storage
●Made in Japan
Item No.  214717

Emergency Set (Disaster Prevention Pro) (Desk-Side Type)
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