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Hagi Glass Aizu Lacquer Ware (Sake Cup,​ Red)

JP¥ 8,850   (US$ 74.52)
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A collaboration of Chōshū (Hagi glass) and Aizu (lacquer). Hagi glass is a hard glass produced through high temperature processing of 1520°Celsius resulting in a natural color that cannot be artificially produced. Hard and sturdy glass that fits perfectly into your palm. No other will do after you have tried this sake cup.
•Materials: bush clover glass,​ lacquer
•Size (approx. mm): Diameter 48 x 95
•Weight (approx. g): 175
•Place of Origin: Yamaguchi Prefecture,​ Hagi City
Do not use polishers such as metal polisher.
After use,​ keep away from direct sunlight and wash immediately. Dry thoroughly with soft cloth.
Item No.  RIN0033R1

Hagi Glass Aizu Lacquer Ware (Sake Cup,​ Red)
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