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4-Port USB Hub w/On-Off Switches

JP¥ 1,530   (US$ 13.84)
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A 4-port USB hub with a switch on each port to turn it on or off. Doesn't require an AC adaptor, so it's easy to take around with you.
•Color: [A] White,​ [B] Black,​ [C] Silver
•USB Interface: USB2.0 (Hi-Speed compatible)
•Upstream Connector: USB A Type x 1 port
•Downstream Connector: USB A Type x 4 ports
•Cable Length: approx. 10cm (incl. connector)
•Outside Measurements: W90 x D21.5 x H14.3 (mm)
•Unit Weight: 32g
•Compatible Devices: DOS/V computers w/USB interface (2.0/1.1),​ PC-98NX series,​ Macintoshes with PowerPC-G3 or later with USB interface
•Compatible OS: Windows 7,​ Vista (32bit version),​ XP (32bit version),​ 2000 (SP4),​ Mac OS X (10.4 or later)
•Also Included: instruction booklet,​ 1 year warranty
•The following are necessary for this item to operate in USB2.0.
Computer w/USB 2.0 host controller; USB 2.0-compatible USB cable; installation of all USB 2.0-compatible connected devices and their drivers.
•The correct operation of this device cannot be guaranteed when in power-saving mode.
•Some time may be required when confirming connected devices,​ and computer may appear to be frozen,​ but this is not a fault. Waiting will result in successful operation.
•Do not disconnect device while in operation. Doing so may result in loss of data and may damage computer.
•If a device this is connected to goes into power-saving mode,​ this device may not operate correctly.
•Peripheral devices used with this item may require AC adaptors.
•The switches on this device are for turning the USB bus power sources on and off. Setting a switch to OFF will not affect confirmation of or data transmission to/from a device that does not use USB bus power.
•Unannounced changes to the design and specification of this item may be made to improve performance.
●Instruction manual is in Japanese only.
Item No.  212314

4-Port USB Hub w/On-Off Switches
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