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Fast Food USB Flash Memory

JP¥ 2,980   (US$ 26.90)
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Fast food-shaped USB flash memory. Just like real fast food, it's cheap, speedy and simple. These are all hand made, with the bread looking toasted to perfection and the filling looking deliciously real. Physically small, but it can hold a big 2GB of data.
●USB Standard: USB2.0: 1.1
●Data Transfer Speed: up to 480Mbps (theoretical value)
●Outer Dimensions,​ Weight:
[Hamburger] W51.0 x D32.5 x H28.5 (mm),​ approx. 40g
[Hot Dog] W59.0 x D35.0 x H20.5 (mm),​ approx. 30g
[Pizza] W62.0 x D32.0 x H12.0 (mm),​ approx. 15g
[Sandwich] W56.5 x D31.0 x H20.0 (mm),​ approx. 30g
●Current Consumption: at most 110mA
●Operating Temperature: 0-60 degrees Celsius
●Operating Humidity: 20-90% (may not work correctly if condensation forms)
●The following devices are compatible if they have USB interfaces: PC: AT-compatible (DOS/V),​ NEC PC98-NX series;,​ Macintosh: Apple PowerPC G3 or later
●Compatible OS: Windows 7,​ Vista,​ XP (SP2 or later,​ 32bit version),​ 2000 (SP4),​ Mac OS X (10.1.3 or later)
●Also Included: instruction booklet,​ 1 year warranty
●May not work correctly with Windows ReadyBoost.
●Password lock software must be downloaded from support page.
●Password lock software can only be used by those with Administrator privileges.
●Password lock software compatible with Windows 7,​ Vista,​ XP (SP2 or later/32bit version),​ 2000 (SP4 or later) only
●When using password lock software ReadyBoost feature cannot be used.
●Instruction manual is in Japanese only.
Item No.  212553

Fast Food USB Flash Memory
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