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Acrylic Gouache Lamé Series,​ Clear Opal

JP¥ 400   (US$ 3.73)
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Lamé Color Series
This series offers paints with lamé, for tones that vary depending on the viewing angle. When used on a dark or black ground the sparkle is even better. A knife or spatula will achieve a more successful finish than a brush.
●Color Number: 221
●Size: 20ml
●Lightfastness: poor

●Do not paint on skin directly.
●Keep out of contact with mouth and eyes.
●Wash hands after use.
●Keep out of reach of children.

●May be harmful,​ if swallowed.
●First Aid: If swallowed,​ get prompt medical attention.
●For further health information,​ contact a poison control center.

●If you need the Medical Safety Data Sheet,​ please contact us.
Item No.  213633R1

Acrylic Gouache Lamé Series,​ Clear Opal
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