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Ctrl-Key-Shaped Cable Box

JP¥ 3,150   (US$ 27.71)
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A cable box that neatly fits a standard 4-connection power board. Uses flame-retardant ABS, so it reduces the risk of fires caused by dust buildup.
●Outer Dimensions (mm): W:260 x D: 140 x H:90
●Internal Space (mm): W:256 x D:108 x H:83
●Weight: 270g
●Materials: ABS
●Do not stand on product or place other items on product. Injury may occur and the item may be damaged.
●Pulling the cable is very dangerous. Keep out of reach of children.
●Do not let the cable protrude from any space other than the intended hole. Doing so may result in the cable being cut,​ leading to fire or electrocution.
●When opening and closing the product be careful to avoid trapping your fingers,​ hands etc. Be particularly careful to avoid children's hands and fingers being caught.
●Before using,​ read the instructions for the cables and power board with which you will be using this product.
●Regularly clean inside. Dust buildup etc. may cause fire or electrocution.
●Do not move product while it is covering a power board and/or cables.
●Do not use as anything other than a cable box.
●Power board and cables not included.
●Do not attempt to force more into this product than is listed under the Internal Space measurements. Doing so may cause fire or electrocution.
●AC adaptors and similar tend to become hot. Make sure they have plenty of space around them to avoid heat buildup.
●Do not block the hole in the cable box.
●Instruction manual is in Japanese only.
Item No.  214316

Ctrl-Key-Shaped Cable Box
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