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PicoDrive,​ Snap

JP¥ 1,290 - JP¥ 4,990   (US$ 11.47 - US$ 44.38)
  • 2GB
  • 4GB
  • 8GB
  • 16GB
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    USB flash memory that uses a sliding connector, so it doesn't need a cap. No need to worry about the cap getting lost, so it's great for portable data storage.
    ●Compatible OS: Windows 7,​ Vista,​ XP (SP2 or later,​ 32bit),​ 2000 (SP4),​ Mac OS X (10.4 or later)
    ●Password lock compatible with Windows 7,​ Vista,​ XP (SP2 or later,​ 32bit),​ 2000 (SP4) only
    ●Compatible Devices:
    PC/ AT-compatible devices (DOS/V) w/USB interfaces
    NEC PC98 - NX series w/USB interfaces
    Apple PowerPC G3 or later Macintoshes w/USB interfaces
    ●Memory: 2GB,​ 4GB,​ 8GB,​ 16GB
    ●USB Standard: USB2.0/1.1
    ●Operating Temperature: 0°C - 70°C (when operating)
    ●Data Transfer Speed (theoretical value): up to 480Mbps
    ●Weight: approx. 10g
    ●Outer Dimensions (without connector exposed) (mm): W58 x D20.5 x H10
    ●Current Consumption (max. during operation): 160mA or less
    ●Also Included: instruction booklet,​ 1 year warranty
    ●Transfer speed will vary depending on conditions of use. The listed transfer speed is based on tests performed by the manufacturer,​ and cannot be guaranteed under all environments.
    ●We and the manufacturer will not be held responsible for any losses or damages incurred as a result of the loss etc. of information stored in this device resulting from use of this product or a failure in its performance.
    ●Instruction manual is in Japanese only.
    Item No.  214324

    PicoDrive,​ Snap
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