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Mylet mini-10 (Emergency Toilet)

JP¥ 1,890   (US$ 16.82)
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Anti-bacterial, deodorant and easy-to-dispose-of emergency toilet set for disasters that requires no water. You may be able to go without food for a while, but the same cannot be said for going to the toilet. Recommended for part of your preparedness kit as it doesn't take up a lot of space and can be used for up to 10 years--just owning this will put your mind at ease.
●Size: approx. Width 135 x Depth 50 x Height 180mm
●Weight: approx. 300g
●Anti-Bacterial Coagulant (7g): 10
●Toilet Bag (made of polyethylene,​ black): 10
●Carry Bag (made of polyethylene,​ white): 10
●Pocket Tissues: 2
●Can be used for up to approx. 10 years
●Quantity: 10 (2-3 days for one person)
Item No.  215197R1

Mylet mini-10 (Emergency Toilet)
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