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Think-B Coming Home Wear,​ Ribbon Motif (Made in Japan)

JP¥ 5,150   (US$ 45.88)
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“Coming home wear” designed for baby girls. A romper/gown with hood that can be used on special days such as the day you leave hospital or when introducing baby to friends and family! This item is in a gown-like shape for newborns who often need diaper changing, yet also has snap buttons at the crotch and so can be fastened like a coverall for when they become more active. A pure white item that is perfect for your innocent baby. We recommend buying in preparation for childbirth.
●Color: Off-White
●Material: Main: 100% cotton,​ Hood: 100% cotton
●Size: 50-70cm
●Made in Japan
Item No.  218192

Think-B Coming Home Wear,​ Ribbon Motif (Made in Japan)
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