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Think-B [Caramel] Vest,​ Supima Interlock,​ Bio-Processed (Made in Japan)

JP¥ 3,470   (US$ 31.33)
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From the bio-processed series, which eliminates lint on the surface of cotton fiber and has a glossy, soft texture. Processing that uses microbes (enzymes) that feed on the unwanted parts of the cotton's surface. This item has an incredibly soft texture for baby's delicate skin. A must-have vest for babies who are not yet able to regulate their body temperature. A fashionable item constructed with lace at the bust. We recommend buying in preparation for childbirth.
●Material: Main: 100% cotton,​ Padding: 100% polyester
●Size: 50-70cm
●Made in Japan
Item No.  218226

Think-B [Caramel] Vest,​ Supima Interlock,​ Bio-Processed (Made in Japan)
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