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Other Goods/Stationery/Pets >> Computer/AV Devices >> iPod, iPhone, iPad Peripherals >> Smartphone Waterproof Case

Smartphone Waterproof Case

JP¥ 1,480   (US$ 13.79)
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A waterproof case for a smartphone with JIS protection class IPX8 and IPX6. Useful for outdoor use and bath time! You can operate the touch screen while it's in the case.
●Compatible Models: inner measurements for storage reference: smartphone within W70 x D15 x H135mm
●Outer Dimensions: W115 x D16 x H208 (mm)
●Weight: approx. 55g
●Waterproof Standard: IPX8,​ IPX6
●Strap Length: approx. 41cm
●Also Included: neck strap
●The instructions etc are designed for the Japanese market.
●Cannot be returned or exchanged at the convenience of the customer.
●Please kindly understand in advance that the instruction manual is for Japanese specifications.

Please note the following when using
●Reception is simulated.
●Smartphone not included.
●Be sure to check there's no leaks before use.
●This item is intended to be mildly waterproof. Avoid using underwater.
●Do not pull on or swing neck strap whilst smartphone is inserted into item.
●It may be difficult to hear during a phone call when a smartphone is inserted into the item.
●Depending on the smartphone,​ you may not be able to operate the touch panel or side buttons.
●Do not put in sharp objects or pierce.
●Should condensation occur due to temperature changes,​ do not insert smartphone until it is dry.
●Should your smartphone suffer data loss or become damaged or malfunction due to using this item,​ we do not take any responsibility.
●The listed company and product names are trademarks of their respective owners or registered trademarks.
●Item design and specifications may change without prior notice due to development etc.
●When opening,​ please be careful when handling to avoid injury.
●The product image color may differ from the actual product.
Item No.  219326

Smartphone Waterproof Case
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