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Micro SDHC Card (w/Adaptor) Class 4

JP¥ 1,280 - JP¥ 7,980   (US$ 11.61 - US$ 72.37)
  • 1: 4GB
  • 2: 8GB
  • 3: 16GB
  • 4: 32GB
  • Quantity
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    Class 4 micro SDHC card (4GB-32GB) with SD card adaptor.
    ●Compatible Models: micro SDHC/SDHC standard compatible devices (only compatible with micro SDHC compatible devices that have a micro SDHC logo. Also,​ compatible with SDHC compatible devices that use an SD card adaptor. Cannot be used on devices compatible with only SD memory cards or conventional SD cards.)
    ●Standard: SD Memory Card Specification Ver 3.0 compliant
    ●SD Speed Class : Class 4
    ●Waterproof capability: Complies with JIS waterproof protection class 7 (included memory card adaptor is not waterproof.)
    ●Power Source Voltage: 2.7 - 3.6V
    ●Current Consumption: 100mA (max)
    ●Useable Temperature: 0℃ - 70℃
    ●Useable Humidity: (1,​2,​3) 25% - 95% (may not work correctly if condensation forms),​ (4) 30% - 80% (may not work correctly if condensation forms)
    ●Outer Dimensions: W11.0 x D15.0 x H1.0 (mm)
    ●Weight (approx. g): [1,​2,​3] 0.2,​ [4] 0.4
    ●Also Included: SD memory card adaptor,​ INDEX sticker,​ micro SDHC hard case,​ 3 year guarantee

    Please note the following when using
    ●Due to differences in the calculation method of memory capacity,​ there is a difference between the stated memory capacity (1kb calculated as 1000 bytes) and the space on your computer (1kb calculated as 1024 bytes),​ and also due to part of the memory capacity being used as a system area and space area,​ all of the stated memory capacity cannot be used.
    ●Do not use this item on devices other than micro SDHC/SDHC compatible devices.
    ●The micro SDHC logo is a registered trademark.
    ●Should you lose data or damage connected devices when using this item,​ we assume no responsibility.
    ●The listed company and product names are trademarks of their respective owners or registered trademarks.
    ●Item design and specifications may change without prior notice due to development,​ etc.
    Item No.  219352

    Micro SDHC Card (w/Adaptor) Class 4
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