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USB 2.0 Card Reader/Writer w/3 Port USB Hub (45 Media)

JP¥ 1,280   (US$ 12.02)
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With a 3 port USB hub! 45 media all in 1 card reader/writer.
●Compatible: Media: SD memory card (ver1.01)/ (ver1.1 [high speed])/ (ver1.1 [pro high speed])/ Class 2/ Class 4/ Class 6/ Class 10,​ SDHC memory card Class 2/ Class 4/ Class 6/ Class 10/ UHS-I,​ SDXC memory card Class 10/ UHS-I,​ wii SD memory card,​ mini SD card,​ mini SDHC card Class 2/ Class 4/ Class 6,​ micro SD card (TransFlash),​ micro SDHC card Class 2/ Class 4/ Class 6/ Class 10/ UHS-I,​ micro SDXC card,​ MMC,​ MMC 4.0,​ secure MMC 4.0,​ RS-MMC,​ RS-MMC 4.0,​ MMC micro,​ memory stick,​ MagicGate memory stick,​ MagicGate memory stick (high-speed data transfer),​ memory stick PRO,​ memory stick PRO (high speed),​ memory stick ROM,​ memory stick (w/memory select feature),​ memory stick Duo,​ MagicGate memory stick Duo,​ MagicGate memory stick Duo (high-speed data transfer),​ memory stick PRO Duo,​ memory stick PRO Duo (Mark 2),​ memory stick PRO Duo (high speed),​ memory stick PRO-HG Duo,​ memory stick micro,​ PSP memory stick Duo,​ PSP memory stick PRO Duo
●Compatible Models: NEC NX series equipped with USB interface (2.0/1.1),​ PC/AT compatible (DOS/V) all models,​ Power PC-G3 or later Mac
●Compatible OS: Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP (SP2 or later/32bit)/ 2000 (SP4),​ Mac OSGH-USB-XTREE: 10. 4 or later
●USB Standard: USB 2.0/USB1.1
●Data Transfer Speed: Max. 480Mbps (USB 2.0),​ 12Mbps (USB1.1)
●Upstream connector: USBGH-ML8-K: Type x 1 port
●Downstream Port: USBGH-ML8-K: Type x 3 port
●Weight: 35g (Main Unit only)
●Outer Dimensions: W70 x D45 x H12 (mm) (Main Unit only)
●Maximum Electricity Consumption: Max. 500mA
●Power Source Voltage: 5V (powered by USB connector)
●Cable Length: approx. 7.5cm (not including connector portion)
●Also Included: instruction booklet,​ 1 year guarantee
●The instructions etc are designed for the Japanese market.
●Cannot be returned or exchanged at the convenience of the customer.
●Please kindly understand in advance that the instruction manual is for Japanese specifications.

Please note the following when using
●SD,​ SDHC,​ SDXC,​ micro SD,​ micro SDHC,​ micro SDXC logos are trademarks of SD-3C,​ LLC.
●Not compatible with copyright protection function of each card.
●Depending on the data stage format of the cell phone,​ data transfer may not be possible.
●Not compatible with UHS-I high-speed transfer.
●When using Mini SD card,​ mini SDHC card,​ RS-MMC,​ RS-MMC4.0,​ MMC micro,​ a separate adaptor is required.
●We do not guarantee operation on OS and personal computers that are not compatible.
●In order to operate this item as USB 2.0,​ the following hardware or drivers are required.
* Personal computers equipped with a USB 2.0 host controller.
* USB 2.0 compatible USB cable
* USB 2.0 transfer compatible connected devices and their appropriate drivers,​ with each being successfully installed. (When connected this item to a different USB port on your computer,​ you may be prompted to install driver again. In this case,​ follow the onscreen instructions.)
●We do not guarantee operation in power-saving mood.
●It takes time to recognize in the devices connected,​ and it may appear that your computer has frozen. However,​ this is not a malfunction. Please be patient.
●Do not connect or disconnect during operation of connected devices. This may lead to data loss and computer malfunction.
●Due to the power consumption of devices connected to this product,​ bus power may not work correctly.
●Due to the power consumption of devices connected to this product,​ charging may not start with bus power.
●Depending on the peripheral device being used,​ an AC adaptor may be necessary.
●This item's USB hub function is not something that can be connected to all USB devices.
●Please understand in advance that,​ should any damage arise such as losing data when using this item,​ we assume no responsibility.
●The color of the actual item may differ from the color of the item in the photos.
●Item design and specifications may change without prior notice due to development,​ etc.
●The listed company and product names are trademarks of their respective owners or registered trademarks.
Item No.  219366

USB 2.0 Card Reader/Writer w/3 Port USB Hub (45 Media)
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