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Micro-Fiber Hair-Drying Towel,​ Pink

JP¥ 800   (US$ 7.16)
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It's gentle to the skin as the amazing absorbent ability lets you remove moisture without rubbing. The capillary phenomenon of micro fiber fabric quickly absorbs moisture and quickly dries out thanks to great breathability. It isn't bulky so you can easily wash it.
The cut pile processing creates a soft texture and enables the quick absorption of moisture from wet hair. You can dry your hair just by gently wrapping and pressing it so it won't get damaged from friction or the heat of a drier. It's also economical as you can shorten the time you use a drier.
●Materials: polyester 80%,​ nylon 20%
●Size (approx.): Width 1000 x Height 400mm
●Weight (item only): 92g
●Weight (incl. packaging material): 113g
●Brand Name: CB Japan
●Made in China
Item No.  222193

Micro-Fiber Hair-Drying Towel,​ Pink
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