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Silicone Chopsticks,​ K199 Red

JP¥ 680   (US$ 6.05)
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For frying, picking, mixing, dishing up, etc. Useful serving chopsticks great for cooking. They can easily pick up noodles with the silicone tips. An item that speeds up cooking. Also, the tips won't get burnt. something that often happens if you use usual chopsticks. In a soft silicone material that won't damage pots with a fluorine resin finish, You can quietly cook as it won't make a sound even when you stir eggs or dressing in a bowl.
In an integrated design that doesn't have joints. It won't accumulate dirt and you can easily clean.
●Materials: Main Materials: nylon 66,​ silicone rubber,​ Core Material: stainless steel
●Size (approx.): 1: 8 x 8 x 300mm
●Weight (item only): 33g
●Weight (incl. packaging material): 52g
●Heat Tolerance: nylon 66: 200 degrees,​ silicone rubber: 230 degrees
●Brand Name: Marna
●Made in China
Item No.  222262

Silicone Chopsticks,​ K199 Red
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