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KAI Kitty DF w/Magnifying Glass Nail Clippers,​ Large Aperture,​ M

JP¥ 1,200   (US$ 10.50)
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Magnifying glass on the nail clippers is bigger compared to previous clippers. The aperture is bigger for greater visibility. They come with a stopper case to collect cut nail chips. M size
●Materials: Blade: Stainless steel blade,​ Lever: Die cast zinc (Chrome plating finish),​ Magnifying Glass: Polycarbonate,​ Magnifying Glass Cover/Stopper: ABS resin (Incl. anti-bacterial agent),​ File: Stainless steel
●Size (approx. mm): 165 x 65 x 40
●Weight (Product only): approx. 78g
●Weight (Package incl.): approx. 78g
●Manufacturing Country: Japan
●Brand Name: Hello Kitty
●Maker: Kaijirushi (KAI)
[Instructions & Cautions] Cutting your nails too deep can cause problems. Please take care not to clip too deep. Store in a secure place that cannot be reached by small children. Do not use Clipper for any other purposes except clipping your nails. Do not store in a place with direct sunlight. Do not look at the sun with the magnifying glass. Wipe magnifying glass with soft cloth and do not use alcohol or other solvent. Before bringing the magnifying glass forward,​ make sure the clipper portion is securely inside the stopper case.
Item No.  222515

KAI Kitty DF w/Magnifying Glass Nail Clippers,​ Large Aperture,​ M
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