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KAI Sekimagoroku Tweezers (Straight End)

JP¥ 2,000   (US$ 18.14)
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Straight end tweezers with tips that come together perfectly. Fine precision craftsmanship.
●Materials: Tweezer: Stainless steel,​ case: ABS resin
●Size (approx. mm): 140 x 45 x 18
●Weight (Product only): approx. 24g
●Weight (Package incl.): approx. 39g
●Manufacturing Country: China
●Brand Name: Kai Magoroku
●Maker: Kaijirushi (KAI)
[Instructions & Cautions] Store in a secure place that cannot be reached by small children. Do not use for any other purpose besides as a tweezer. Only use on clean skin. Wash face before using. Wipe away moisture or soil and keep clean. The tip is very sharp so please use with care.
Item No.  222532

KAI Sekimagoroku Tweezers (Straight End)
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