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Handy Rice Washing Stick K526WH (White)

JP¥ 460   (US$ 4.17)
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Rice washing can be really hard on your nails and it can be hard on your hands on cold winter days. Now you can use this handy stick and wash without immersing your hand in water.
Spoon shaped stick to gently rinse and clean the rice without damaging.
It can also be used to whip cream or other ingredients.
●Materials: polypropylene
●Size (approx. mm): approx. 66 x 242 x 43mm
●Weight (Product only): approx. 2.5g
●Weight (Package incl.): approx. 32g
●Manufacturing Country: Japan
●Brand Name: Marna
●Others: Heat Tolerance: 120°C
Item No.  222629

Handy Rice Washing Stick K526WH (White)
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