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Stainless Steel 2WAY Bottle,​ Red Black

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With twice as much fluorine coating on the inner surface! Therefore, it is resistant against rust caused by the salt content of sports drinks etc! You can drink in 2 different ways - cup type and direct type!! With superb heat/cold insulation effects! Easy to care for! The pouch can be washed. The inner-side fluorine coating and the item itself can be disassembled and the body washed. Durable so you can use for a long time! The bottom is also strong and the pouch is durable! Charge your body quickly with a drink! With a one-touch opening stopper and air-vent construction drinking spout. With a cup that locks on so you won't forget to close it. The cup is also easy to use with the pouch still attached to the body, thanks to the pouch edge fastener, Easy to carry around - lightweight and compact! With a "shield stopper" that makes it difficult for fluid to be left on the stopper. No problems keeping this in your bag! With a structure that reduces condensation.
●Main Material: stainless steel,​ polypropylene
●Made in Thailand
●Brand Name: ZOJIRUSHI
●Other: Actual Capacity 0.82L,​ heat insulation effect (6 hours) more than 78°C (cup type),​ cold insulation effect (6 hours) less than 8°C (cup type)
●Size: 10.5 x 11 x 26.5cm
●Weight (item only): 490g
●Weight (including packaging materials): 0.7kg
Item No.  222795

Stainless Steel 2WAY Bottle,​ Red Black
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