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Gonta's Fillet Maki-Maki,​ Pork Achilles for Small Dogs,​ 6 / Pet Food

JP¥ 290   (US$ 2.61)
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Tasty for a long time! A highly palatable snack with suitably firm pork achilles tendon wrapped in chicken fillet which dogs just love. Pork achilles tendon supplies collagen while chewing plays a role in reducing stress and teeth health.
●The item design,​ packaging,​ etc.,​ may change without prior notice due to redesign.
●Ingredients: meat (chicken fillet,​ pork achilles tendon etc),​ thickening stabilizer (sorbitol,​ glycerin),​ quality-retaining agent (propylene glycol),​ preservatives (sodium dehydroacetate)
Proteins: 61.8% or above
Fat: 2.9% or above
Fiber: 3.0% or below
Mineral Content: 4.5% or below
Water Content: 27.0% or below
Calories (per 100g): 265kcal
[Suitable Feeding Amount]
Adult Dog Weight 1kg-5kg Daily Suitable Feeding Amount: 1-2
Adult Dog Weight 5kg-10kg Daily Suitable Feeding Amount: 2-4
Puppy (7 months upward) Daily Suitable Feeding Amount: 1-2
●Avoid high temperatures,​ humidity and sunlight when storing. After opening,​ use all as soon as possible.
●Expiration Date: 18 months
●Contents: 6
●Manufacturer Name: Marukan Sunrise
●Made in China
Item No.  222980

Gonta's Fillet Maki-Maki,​ Pork Achilles for Small Dogs,​ 6 / Pet Food
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