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Washable Linen Gather Flared Skirt

JP¥ 13,200   (US$ 118.17)
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    A popular Have A Nice Trip washable linen skirt.
    [Coordinating Point] A flared skirt with lots of gather. Pair together with a compact top.
    You can also wear together with the same material top for a smart set look. Combine with a soft material item for a resort style. Can be worn for both work and days off.
    [Material] Made of a Have A Nice Trip original material.
    With the coolness of linen. As soon as you wear this, you'll feel it remove your body heat.
    This is a unique material made in pursuit of comfort.
    [Comfort Point 1] Mercerized processing gets rid of that characteristic scratchiness. Shape stability is realized, and this can also be hand-washed at home!
    [Comfort Point 2] Thanks to "bio-silk protein" processing, smoothness against the skin is realized. It doesn't wrinkle easily and has moisture, anti-bacterial, deodorant and UV cutting effects.
    [Comfort Point 3] The surface material is also used for the inner side that touches your skin for comfort.
    [Comfort Point 4] Hemming & piping are used when sewing to increase the comfort. Can stand up to daily washing and used for a long time.
    This skirt comes with a petticoat.
    ●Materials: 100% linen
    ●Hand wash
    ●Brand Name: HAVE A NICE TRIP
    Item No.  223113

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