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Washable Linen Flower Calico Boatneck Top

JP¥ 12,000   (US$ 107.43)
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    Continually loved since its development and now with more than 1 million sales! Made of "washable linen" material that is a must for a humid summer.
    Put this on and feel it against your skin to experience its coolness.
    There are a wide range of tops and bottoms available. Coordinate as you wish and use them for a variety of occasions.
    With an original print in colors selected by dedicated staff.
    [Coordinating Point]
    When you wear this by itself it will create a wonderful silhouette.
    Combine with the same material cardigan to wear in an ensemble style. Combine with a plain color washable linen item for a breezy style.
    The original material was developed thinking foremost of those people who wear 100% linen material. Designed so that this item can be used for both daily wear and formal wear.
    Mercerized processing prevents loss of shape and makes hand-washing possible. "Silk protein" processing has UV-cut, anti-bacterial, deodorant and moisturizing effects.
    Bearing in mind feel against the skin, the surface fabric is also used for the inner side. The characteristic scratchy feeling of linen has been reduced.
    Can be hand-washed at home.
    Wash by hand without rubbing. It is recommended to wash dark colors on their own.
    ●Materials: 100% linen
    ●Hand wash
    ●Brand Name: HAVE A NICE TRIP
    Item No.  223157

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