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Inaba Twins Chicken Thigh w/Green & Yellow Vegetables & Chicken Fillet,​ 80g / Pet Food

JP¥ 170   (US$ 1.52)
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Chicken thigh together with vegetables and chicken fillet! A 40g small bag type that doggies with a small appetite can enjoy anytime (jelly type).
The vegetables used are those for the purpose of export to Japan that have cleared pesticide residue testing and have been carefully checked one by one during processing.
●The item design,​ packaging etc. may change without prior notice due to item redesign.
●Ingredients: chicken (thigh,​ fillet),​ vegetable (carrot,​ pumpkin,​ green peas),​ starch,​ agar,​ soybean oil,​ minerals (Ca,​ Fe,​ Cu,​ Mu,​ Zn,​ I),​ polysaccharide thickener,​ vitamins (A,​ D3,​ E,​ B6,​ folic acid,​ B12,​ choline,​ biotin),​ green tea extract,​ red rice koji pigment
●Nutrition: Crude Protein 9.5% or more,​ Crude Fat 1.3% or more,​ Crude Fiber 0.2% or less,​ Crude Ash 2.0% or less,​ Water Content 87.0% or less
●Calories (for 1) (approx.): 30kcal
●Avoid direct sunlight,​ high temperatures and humidity. After opening,​ use all as soon as possible.
●Expiration Date: 2 years from date of manufacture
●Contents: 80g (40g x 2)
●Manufacturer Name: Inaba-Petfood Co.,​ Ltd.
●Made in China
Item No.  223495

Inaba Twins Chicken Thigh w/Green & Yellow Vegetables & Chicken Fillet,​ 80g / Pet Food
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