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UGG SHAYE BANDANA BLACK (Black) / Rain Boots / Ladies'

JP¥ 13,420   (US$ 121.71)
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    The shoes brand "UGG" which originates from Australia is so popular that its name has almost become synonymous with sheepskin boots. Currently such a popular brand that just about everyone has a pair!
    With a wide lineup that ranges from classic boot types to moccasin types and, for this year, sandal types also referred to as "spring UGG"! These are shoes that can be worn at any time, all year round!

    Shaye BANDANA takes rain boots essential for wet weather and gives them a gorgeous makeover with a popular bandana pattern.
    The fluffy natural wool insoles have a very soft fit so you can wear these for a long time and not feel tired. These make going out on rainy days more fun!
    ●Pattern: BLACK/Black
    ●Materials: [Surface] Rubber
    ●Weight (both shoes) (approx. g): 1520g
    ●Brand Name: UGG
    ●Made in the US,​ other
    ●Also Included: Box
    ●Please note: The security tag on the inner side of the item and the security sticker on the outer box have been cut off.
    To prevent copying,​ UGG items have a special tag attached to them (there are many kinds of tag type). However,​ to prevent the identification of the purchase root,​ this item's inner tag and outer box sticker (QR code & hologram portion) have been cut off. Please rest assured that there are no item defect or authenticity problems related to the cutting off of the tag and sticker (QR code & hologram portion).
    Item No.  223555

    UGG SHAYE BANDANA BLACK (Black) / Rain Boots / Ladies'
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