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Other Goods/Stationery/Pets >> By Brand >> Kokuyo (Office Supplies) >> [KOKUYO] Scissors, Airofit Superior, Titanium Glueless Blades
Other Goods/Stationery/Pets >> Stationery >> Office Supplies >> [KOKUYO] Scissors, Airofit Superior, Titanium Glueless Blades

[KOKUYO] Scissors,​ Airofit Superior,​ Titanium Glueless Blades

JP¥ 1,650   (US$ 14.69)
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●Designed with a long thick blade that easily cuts even thick paper. Its “deep insert” construction gives you a sharp cut all the way along the blade.
●The air-cushioned handles with finger rests are designed to stop your hand getting tired.
●Opens and closes smoothly, giving you continued light and easy cutting.
●Through the double strength of blades that have a hollow glueless construction and fluorine coating, glue does not adhere easily and their sharpness lasts 15 times longer than conventional blades.
●The blade has titanium coating gives it a high surface hardness which makes its original cutting effects last for approximately one million uses!
●Total Length 225mm, Blade Length 87mm
●Blade Type: titanium,​ glueless
●Outer Measurements(mm) : Total Length 225,​ Width 81
●Blade Blade Length: 87mm
Blade portion: stainless steel
Handle portion: R-ABS
Ring portion: regenerated elastomer
●Made in China
●Kindly understand that the item design,​ specifications and outer appearance may change without notice.
Item No.  224297

[KOKUYO] Scissors,​ Airofit Superior,​ Titanium Glueless Blades
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