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Other Goods/Stationery/Pets >> By Brand >> Kokuyo (Office Supplies) >> [KOKUYO] Security Roller Stamp [Kakushi-Taro] 25mm Width
Other Goods/Stationery/Pets >> Stationery >> Stamps/Seals >> [KOKUYO] Security Roller Stamp [Kakushi-Taro] 25mm Width

[KOKUYO] Security Roller Stamp [Kakushi-Taro] 25mm Width

JP¥ 1,650   (US$ 14.82)
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This security stamp's roller design covers completely in one stroke to keep secure personal information protected. Cover up addresses and information printed on postcards and junk mail to keep your private info safe. The positioning of the stamp is easy to see for easy and accurate marking. The clean, compact design allows you to keep it on your desk for use anytime. The rotating stamp cover slides inside the body when in use and prevents accidental marking. The stamp itself is patterned with an array of random numbers and letters that make your information unreadable, and the 10mm width lets you cover up even the most detailed portions. When the ink starts to get thin, just refill it with the Kakushi-Taro refill ink.
●Measurements: Width 51 x Depth 48 x Height 77mm
●Design: Roller Type: 25mm Width
●Also Included: Refill Ink 3cc
●Material: Body,​ Stamp Cover: ABS (50% recycled),​ Stamp Brush,​ Brush Mount: POM,​ Stamp: Acrylonitrile-Butadiene Rubber+PVC
●Refill Ink Material: Bottle,​ Cap: Polypropylene,​ Nozzle: Polyethylene,​ Ink: Oil-based pigment (Black)
●Kindly understand that the item design,​ specifications and outer appearance may change without notice.
Item No.  224398

[KOKUYO] Security Roller Stamp [Kakushi-Taro] 25mm Width
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