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Other Goods/Stationery/Pets >> By Brand >> Kokuyo (Office Supplies) >> [KOKUYO] Adhesive Tape, Dot Liner Fits, Main Item, 5
Other Goods/Stationery/Pets >> Stationery >> Office Supplies >> [KOKUYO] Adhesive Tape, Dot Liner Fits, Main Item, 5

[KOKUYO] Adhesive Tape,​ Dot Liner Fits,​ Main Item,​ 5

JP¥ 1,320   (US$ 11.75)
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Goes on smoothly and adheres closely. Also, if it is out of place a little, you can restick! This adhesive tape from Campus is for sticking printed out sheets of paper.
●[Perfect for making notes for study] When the glue has been freshly applied, you can smoothly and tidily peel it off should it be out of place. When applied, the glue will fix and the adhered item will not come unstuck.
●[Waste doesn't become easily attached to the tip] With a full cover cap that will stop things becoming attached to the top when stored in your pencil case, for peace of mind.
●[An eraser size that is easy to carry around] In a compact size that easily fits into a pencil case yet the tape has a generous length of 8.5m.
●[Silent Design] The bothersome noise that is created when being used has been reduced. You can use it during class with no concerns.
●[Refill Type] An economical and ecological refill type. With a window that allows you to see how much tape is left.
●Tape Measurements: Width 7mm x Length 8.5m
●Specs: strong adhesive
●Materials: Item Case: R-PS,​ R-ABS,​ Refill case: R-PS
●Refill Type
●Units (Quantity): 1 Set (5)
●Manufacturer Model No.: ta-DM490-07B x 5
●Made in Thailand
●Item design,​ specs and outer appearance may change without prior notice.
Item No.  224573

[KOKUYO] Adhesive Tape,​ Dot Liner Fits,​ Main Item,​ 5
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