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QUARTER REPORT Combination Slippers Rukki,​ Made in Japan,​ Unisex

JP¥ 2,200   (US$ 19.56)
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A pair of slippers that fits easily on your feet with a gentle touch. They boast a handsome slim form and are available in various color types. They dress up your feet nicely and the plain fabric creates a beautiful contrast to the design.
●Size (approx. cm): One-Size-Fits-All ([Outer Size] 26 x 10,​ [Inner Size] 23.5 x 8.5)
●[Lining,​ Insole] cotton 100%,​ [Outsole] Polyvinyl chloride
●Machine washable (using net),​ but hand wash is recommended for those worried about deformation
●Combination Slippers Rukki only sold.
Item No.  5000620

QUARTER REPORT Combination Slippers Rukki,​ Made in Japan,​ Unisex
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