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QUARTER REPORT MOOMIN Tray,​ Kokoni Iruyo (Moomin) Made in Japan,​ Kitchen,​ Tray

JP¥ 3,600   (US$ 32.65)
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A tray featuring a textile of MOOMIN TRIBUTE WORKS. The fabric is sandwiched between synthetic resin and laminate-processed.
Can also be used for luncheon mat, tea mat, or party tray with fruits or appetizers on.
●This item is a Kokoni Iruyo (Moomin) version. Please note that the pattern positioning is different from Kokoni Iruyo (My) version.

●Size (approx. cm): 39 x 29
●Materials: unsaturated polyester resin (cloth laminating finish)
●Finish: Wakayama Prefecture
●Do not wash
●Do not use in dishwasher or microwave
●Heat Tolerance 110& deg;C
●Due to the manufacturing process,​ the pattern may slightly warp,​ blur,​ or get a scratch.
●Made in Japan
●MOOMIN Tray,​ Kokoni Iruyo (Moomin) only sold.
Item No.  5000813

QUARTER REPORT MOOMIN Tray,​ Kokoni Iruyo (Moomin) Made in Japan,​ Kitchen,​ Tray
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