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QUARTER REPORT Chair Pad,​ Pelto,​ Made in Japan

JP¥ 2,400   (US$ 21.56)
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A chair pad that you simply place on your chair. The underside is non-slip processed.

"Pelto" is the Finnish word for field.
With an expressive coloration created by combining 3 colors of yarn. Features a soft, natural texture.
●Materials: 100% acrylic
●Size (approx. cm): Diameter 35cm,​ [Pile Length] 13㎜
●Usage Precautions:
・When using on a slippery floor such as a wooden floor,​ pay down a grip sheet etc.
・The inner side has a non-slip finish,​ so avoid using on an electric carpet,​ heating flooring etc.
・Despite having a non-slip finish,​ it may move due to subjection to sudden force so take proper care.
・When using on a vinyl chloride floor,​ it may adhere to the floor or cause discoloration of the floor material.
・Discoloration may occur if left in sunlight for a long time.
・It may be crimped or curled in an unusual manner,​ however this will diminish with use.
・Chemicals,​ strong detergents,​ solvents etc may cause discoloration and deterioration.
●Daily Care :
・When first using this there may be loose fibers,​ so frequent vacuuming is recommended. Cut frayed pile with scissors. Due to circumstances related to item manufacture,​ pile will come out if pulled strongly.
・Can be hand washed (by pressing). Hang in the shade to dry.
●Made in Japan
●Chair Pad,​ Pelto only sold.
Item No.  5001105

QUARTER REPORT Chair Pad,​ Pelto,​ Made in Japan
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