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Oil Blotting Paper for Puff (Charcoal) / Beauty/ Facial Skin Care

JP¥ 580   (US$ 5.12)
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This is a new style of oil blotting paper: Use by picking them up using the sticky coating on the bottom of the puff. Nice and soft, so you can get at trouble spots like the space beside the nostrils without putting stress on your skin. This version features bamboo charcoal for even more effectiveness!
•Charcoal (contains bamboo charcoal)
•Special Qualities:
1. Super Reach: this puff squeezes into the spots that are difficult to clean of oil,​ like the areas next to your nostrils.
2. Stress-Free: feels so soft to use. No need to stress your skin.
3. Great Absorption: created using a patented process based on that used to create beaten gold foil (a process that uses and alters the qualities of paper). Absorbs lots of excess oil.
4. Doesn't Hurt Makeup: the paper is smooth with tiny holes. The tiny granules of makeup are larger than the drops of oil,​ so the paper picks up the oil while leaving your makeup in place.
5. Black Coating: the black coating prevents anyone from seeing the absorbed oil,​ and stops it soaking through onto your fingers.
•How to Use:
1. Remove the round card cover.
2. Remove the protective sheet covering the puff,​ and place the puff on the paper sticky-side-down.
3. The papers attach individually to the puff,​ so by simply lightly touching them to your face you can remove oil without marking your hand or the puff itself.
4. After using,​ remove the paper from the puff and return the puff to its original position in the packet. When you close the packet,​ the puff will naturally adhere to the next sheet of paper.
•If the puff begins to lose its adhesiveness,​ wash it in water,​ remove anything stuck to it,​ dry it and it will return to its original stickiness.
•The glossy black side has a special coating. It will not absorb oil.
•If you experience an adverse reaction on using this product,​ cease use immediately.
•Contents: 60 sheets,​ 60mm in diameter (pad also included)
•Made in Japan
Item No.  BH00096R1

Oil Blotting Paper for Puff (Charcoal) / Beauty/ Facial Skin Care
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