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Oil Blotting Paper (Plain) / Beauty/ Facial Skin Care

JP¥ 380   (US$ 3.37)
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Absorbs oil from your skin without while allowing your makeup to stay great all day. Regular type. The clear coating prevents the absorbed oil from getting through to your fingers.
•Special Qualities:
1. Great Absorption: created using a patented process based on that used to create beaten gold foil (a process that uses and alters the qualities of paper). Absorbs lots of excess oil.
2. Doesn't Hurt Makeup: the paper is smooth with tiny holes. The tiny granules of makeup are larger than the drops of oil,​ so the paper picks up the oil while leaving your makeup in place.
3. Clear Coating: the clear coating blocks the absorbed oil,​ preventing it from soaking through onto your fingers.
•Please Note:
•The clear coating on the reverse side of the paper will not absorb oil.
•If you experience an adverse reaction on using this product,​ cease use immediately.
•Contents: 80 sheets
•Made in Japan
Item No.  BH00099R1

Oil Blotting Paper (Plain) / Beauty/ Facial Skin Care
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