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Tea Soap (Extra Rich) / Beauty/ Skin Care/ Facial

JP¥ 650 - JP¥ 1,950   (US$ 5.77 - US$ 17.31)
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  • 02: Mini
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    Natural makeup soap featuring highly concentrated tea extract. Made naturally to be gentle on your skin, with no colorings, antioxidants, preservatives or surfactants. As a result, the surface is a dark brown, and the inside is the original green tea color. It's the proof that there are no unpleasant additives in this product.
    •01: Large,​ 02: Mini
    •Made of natural ingredients with no additives
    •Ingredients: soap base,​ yaeyamaaoki fruit juice,​ green tea
    •Please Note:
    •If you experience an adverse reaction on using this product,​ cease use immediately.
    •As this item features no additives,​ its shape and color may vary but this does not indicate a problem with the product.
    •Standard Weight: 01: 80g,​ 02: 26g
    •Made in Japan
    Item No.  BH00105R1

    Tea Soap (Extra Rich) / Beauty/ Skin Care/ Facial
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