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Silk Cocoon Thimbles / Beauty/ Massage/ Skin Care/ Facial

JP¥ 650   (US$ 5.74)
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Get smooth skin with the power of natural silkworm cocoons. These cocoons are the shape of a thimble, and help clean out your pores.
•100% silk
•Special Qualities:
1. Natural Silk Protein (Sericin): sericin are natural and similar in structure to the amino acids that make up the skin's keratin layer,​ They are believed to be effective in treating and preventing pimples,​ skin allergies and skin irritation,​ as well suppress the production of the melanin that causes discoloration on the skin.
2. The Natural Fiber Fibroin: silk's fine natural fibers reach into the pores and remove grime and old keratin,​ gently cleaning your skin and making it beautifully smooth.
•How to Use:
1. Soak for 5-6 minutes in water heated to around 40 degrees Celsius.
Heating the cocoons like this makes them even softer.
2. Wash your face as you would normally.
3. Place a soft cocoon on the tip of your finger,​ and gently wipe your whole face (particularly around your nostrils). Do not wipe with any force.
One cocoon can be used 2-3 times.
•Please Note:
•Before using,​ perform a patch test on a spot such as your upper arm to determine whether or not you have an allergy to silk.
•Do not use on areas where your skin is cut or otherwise injured.
•Do not use around your eyes and mouth where the skin is thin.
•The best frequency of use varies depending on the individual and their skin.
•Not a food. Do not eat. Keep out of reach of children.
•After heating,​ let cocoons cool before using. Be careful not to burn yourself.
•If you experience an adverse reaction on using this product,​ cease use immediately.
•Contents: 30
•Made in Japan (Cocoons: Chinese species)
Item No.  BH00107R1

Silk Cocoon Thimbles / Beauty/ Massage/ Skin Care/ Facial
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