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Pigeon Touch-Up Toothbrush from Teething Period (Molars)

JP¥ 290   (US$ 2.58)
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A touch-up toothbrush for Mom and Dad to finish off the brushing. The compact head and diagonal neck are perfect for cleaning the difficult-to-access molars. The bristles are short, fine, soft and springy. Cleans milk teeth and gums thoroughly, without damaging them and without fuss from your child. Use from when their molars start to appear.
●Bristles: soft
●Cannot be sterilized by boiling,​ in microwave,​ or using anti-bacterial solution
●Change when bristles splay or become visibly dirty.
●Do no allow child to hold this brush.
●Playing with brush in mouth is dangerous.
●Biting bristles and pulling may cause bristles to come loose.
●After using rinse well with water,​ and after drying store out of reach of child.
●Do not use if child is receiving treatment for a dental problem,​ or if child has any dental problems. Consult your dentist.
●Contents: 1
●Made in Japan
Item No.  BH00304

Pigeon Touch-Up Toothbrush from Teething Period (Molars)
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