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LION Cooling Sheets,​ for Children

JP¥ 900   (US$ 8.01)
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Cooling sheets with superb cooling effects. Using a gel with plentiful amounts of moisture, which works for 8 hours, keeping you nice and cool until morning. The super cooling effects last 8 hours, meaning you don't have to go to the trouble of continually changing them and also this means that you can keep it on while you sleep! With a strong adhesive made using a non-irritant polyacrylic acid based tackifier. Even if you toss and turn in your sleep, this sheet won't come lose. Also it's kind to your skin and doesn't cause irritation.
●Contains fragrance (rosemary extract,​ clary sage extract,​ thyme extract,​ mint oil,​ eucalyptus oil,​ lavender oil),​ paraben,​ polysorbate 80,​ EDTA,​ glycerin,​ others
●Instructions: Peel off the transparent film,​ and affix sheet to the area that wish to cool.
●If stored in a refrigerator,​ the cooling properties will be even more effective. (Do not store in your freezer.)
●Cooling effects last for up to approx. 8 hours. (You should attach a new sheet within this 8 hour period.)
●As the sheet does not adhere well to sweaty skin,​ wipe the appropriate area well before using. Also,​ as the sheet will lose its adhesive properties if repeatedly removed and reapplied,​ it is recommended to avoid doing so.
●As the sheets lose both cooling and adhesive properties when they become dry,​ store unused sheets in the storage bag and tightly close the seal so that air from outside cannot enter.
●Store in as cool a place as possible,​ away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.
●Contents: 16 Sheets
●Made in China
Item No.  BH00734

LION Cooling Sheets,​ for Children
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