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WHITE LABEL Premium Placenta Essence for Soft White Skin

JP¥ 1,200   (US$ 10.78)
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A beautifying whitening essence that provides pinpoint care for dark blemishes and full facial care for skin dullness at the same time. The placenta extract provides whitening care by curbing the production of melanin. This one item will give you soft and plump skin like that of a baby! An anti-inflammatory ingredient (dipotassium glycyrrhizinate) and moisturizing ingredients (collagen & hyaluronan) prevent pimples and dryness.
●Quasi drug
●Additive-free: Fragrance-free,​ no synthetic pigments,​ paraben-free,​ alcohol-free
●Active Ingredients: dipotassium glycyrrhizinate,​ water-soluble placenta extract
Other Ingredients: BG,​ concentrated glycerin,​ pentylene glycol,​ sodium hyaluronate,​ hydrogenated lecithin,​ others
●Usage Instructions: Use every morning and evening,​ after applying lotion.
1. When using on areas where wrinkles are a concern,​ take a small amount and apply by gently patting.
2. When using on the whole face,​ take a larger size amount and blend into whole face.
*After,​ to moisturize,​ use the milk lotion or cream from the same White Skin series.
*Continue using everyday for approx. 1-2 weeks to realize its beautifying effects.
●Contents: 20g (approx. 60 applications worth)
●Made in Japan
Item No.  BH01725

WHITE LABEL Premium Placenta Essence for Soft White Skin
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