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Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Tightening Shoyo Toothpaste,​ 100g / Dental,​ Oral Hygiene

JP¥ 1,320   (US$ 11.66)
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This toothpaste contains 6 kinds of natural plant-derived ingredients that tighten up the gums and prevent bad breath and periodontal disease. The anti-inflammatory effect of β-glycyrrhetinic acid reduces the inflammation of the gums. Three tightening ingredients shape up the gums.
●Ingredients: hydrated aluminum,​ water,​ ethanol,​ concentrated glycerin,​ silicon dioxide,​ others
●Quasi drug
prevents periodontitis (pyorrhea)
prevents gingivitis
prevents bad breath
prevents cavities
whitens teeth
cleans the inside of the mouth
freshens the inside of the mouth
[Please Note]
1. Should an abnormality such as a rash appear,​ discontinue use and bring the item to your doctor.
2. Refrain from use if you have a cut in your mouth.
3.Should this get in your eyes,​ rinse immediately with water without rubbing. Should you still experience any abnormalities,​ please consult an eye doctor.
4. Since this does not effect the pain that comes from tooth decay,​ please receive treatment from a dentist should your teeth smart from decay.
●The plant leaves have a unique astringent sensation. This is caused by the tightening action on the gums. Those who experience strong astringency should use sparingly.
●Contents: 100g
●Made in Japan
Item No.  BH01870

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Tightening Shoyo Toothpaste,​ 100g / Dental,​ Oral Hygiene
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