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[High-Concentration Undiluted Serum] Sara Placenta Special/Anti-Aging Serum

JP¥ 22,000   (US$ 201.28)
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Made using carefully selected horse placenta only taken from top-class thoroughbreds. On top of that, the use of precious growth factors such as EGF, FGF and IGF is much increased to make this highest-quality serum. The well-noted growth factors in it stimulate cellular growth and healing. Creates a brand-new extra fine skin.

High-concentration undiluted serum series products are used in esthetics salons all over Japan. In esthetics salons that are always expected to show results, the series receives a lot of praise for its ability to meet customer demands.
●Due to item revision/development,​ the design,​ packaging,​ etc.,​ of an item may change without prior notice.
●Active Ingredients: placenta extract,​ human oligopeptide-1,​ human oligopeptide-13,​ rh-oligopeptide-2
●Other Ingredients: water,​ BG,​ pentylene glycol,​ ethanol,​ phenoxy ethanol
●Instructions: Please use after washing your face at morning and night. It works more effectively when used with a facial beautifier.
*Boasts the most versatile use among high-concentration undiluted serum series products,​ which all contain plenty of beauty ingredients that reduce blotches and wrinkles. If you use other items after this one,​ they will work more effectively.
●Should any dermal irregularity occur,​ immediately stop using.
●Contents: 100ml
●Made in Japan
Item No.  BH01977

[High-Concentration Undiluted Serum] Sara Placenta Special/Anti-Aging Serum
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