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Pure HA Essence (Moisturizing Lotion)

JP¥ 5,000   (US$ 45.14)
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4 kinds of hyaluronic acid realize great moisturizing effects - hyaluronic acid, hyalo-oligo (nano-hyaluronic acid), hyaloveil (adsorbing hyaluronic acid), super hyaluronic acid (strengthened hyaluronic acid)
Since it has a high-concentration, a drop swells when you take it in your hand.
After applying, your skin will be smooth and soft. This popular item has been used in many beauty salons throughout Japan.
Recommended for those who are concerned about dry skin and who want to get silky skin after moisturizing.
●Total Ingredients: water,​ BG,​ glycerin,​ pentylene glycol,​sodium hyaluronate,​ methyl gluceth-10,​ hydrolyzed hyaluronan,​ sodium acetylhyaluronate,​ hydroxypropyltrimonium hyaluronate,​ phenoxy ethanol
●Instructions: In the morning and evening,​ after washing your face,​ take a suitable amount in clean hands and gently blend into skin.
●Contents: 60ml
●Made in Japan
Item No.  BH02043

Pure HA Essence (Moisturizing Lotion)
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