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Beauty & Health >> Skin Care >> Other Special Care >> Bio Plant Medicated Pim Stick (Quasi Drug Gel for Pimples)
Beauty & Health >> Skin Care >> Serums & Essences >> Bio Plant Medicated Pim Stick (Quasi Drug Gel for Pimples)

Bio Plant Medicated Pim Stick (Quasi Drug Gel for Pimples)

JP¥ 1,900   (US$ 17.23)
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Effective for the pimples of both adults and young people. Medicated ingredients sterilize your skin and control sebum secretion. Plant ingredients protect your skin and tighten pores so that acne scars won't be left.
Also, active ingredients like hyaluronic acid awaken the ability that your skin originally has, and make a good skin condition that pimples do not occur easily on.
Used and sold in many beauty salons in Japan.
●Quasi drug
[Active Ingredients]
Photosensitive element No. 401: sterilizes pimple bacteria and improves skin roughness after pimples
Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate: suppresses inflammation,​ improves the roughness of pimpled skin
Allantoin: Prevents inflammation and improves skin roughness after pimples.
[Plant extracts]
Rosemary oil,​ St John's wort extract,​ arctium lappa root extract,​ saponaria officinalis leaf extract,​ salvia officinalis (sage) leaf extract,​ calendula officinalis flower extract,​ lemon extract
[Other Ingredients]
hyaluronan,​ trimethylglycine,​ liquid sorbitol
●Instructions: Remove the cap,​ and put a rice grain sized amount on your fingertips. Apply to acne and pimples.
●Contents: 20ml
●Made in Japan
Item No.  BH02044

Bio Plant Medicated Pim Stick (Quasi Drug Gel for Pimples)
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