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DHC Medicated Acne Control Lotion / Skin Care,​ Beauty

JP¥ 1,130   (US$ 9.97)
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Contains the medicinal ingredient salicylic acid that provides thorough protection against pimples. Disinfects against propionibacterium acnes and softens tough, old skin. Reduces excess sebum, combating the cause of blocked pores. Doesn't contain alcohol, which is often found in wiping lotions, reducing the burden on the skin.
●Due to item revision/development,​ the design,​ packaging,​ etc.,​ of an item may change without prior notice.
●Quasi drug
●Fragrance-free,​ no added colors,​ contains natural ingredients,​ alcohol-free
●Specified Ingredients: salicylic acid,​ EDTA
●Instructions: After washing your face,​ take a suitable amount in your hand and gently wipe entire face apart from around the eyes.
For under-moisturized skin,​ adding your own lotion and then using is recommended.
●Contents: 100ml
●Made in Japan
Item No.  BH02184

DHC Medicated Acne Control Lotion / Skin Care,​ Beauty
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