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KOSE softymo Medicinal Whitehead Pack / Beauty/ Skin Care/ Facial

JP¥ 540   (US$ 4.97)
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A sheet pack that removes in one use the grime, dead skin and stubborn keratin plugs stuck in the pores on and around your nose. Leaves you with glowing skin. The adlay and German chamomile extracts tighten the pores after they've been cleared. Quasi drug.
●Active Ingredients: tocopheryl acetate,​ stearyl glycyrrhetinate
●Other Ingredients: purified water,​ liquid polyacrylic acid,​ polyacrylic acid salt,​ anhydrous silicic acid,​ α-olefin oligomer,​ others
1. Wash face and use while skin is damp. (Do not wet pack directly or handle with wet hands.)
2. Remove pack from film and apply to areas where pores are grimy. Press to force out air for a close fit.
3. Leave to dry for 10-15 minutes. (The pack will not become hard even when it has dried completely. Do not let it dry too much.)
4. Remove slowly starting from the edges. (Residue may be left over on face after removing pack. Remove this with a wet cotton wool ball or similar.)
●Do not use around eyes and mouth. Do not leave on face for long periods.
●If your skin is irritated by sticking plasters etc.,​ do not use this product.
●Using once or twice a week is recommended. (Leave at least three days between each use.)
●Pulling too aggressively when removing may result in skin being injured.
●Contents: 10
●Made in Japan
Item No.  BH02202

KOSE softymo Medicinal Whitehead Pack / Beauty/ Skin Care/ Facial
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