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Kracie epilat Speedy Bleaching Cream / Beauty/ Hair Removal/ Body Care

JP¥ 1,120   (US$ 10.07)
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Bleach unwanted hair in five minutes, leaving it a natural downy hair color. Perfect for treating unwanted hair on arms and legs. Contains skin-protecting ingredients (chamomile essence + seaweed essence) and beauty oil (plant-derived squalane). Tube type allows you to use only the amount you need. (Tray and spatula included.)
●Due to item revision/development,​ the design,​ packaging,​ etc.,​ of an item may change without prior notice.
[Ingredients]: A SOLUTION: Active Ingredients: ethanolamine,​ ammonium hydroxide
Other Ingredients: paraffinum liquidum,​ water,​ urea,​ vaseline,​ cetyl alcohol,​ others
B SOLUTION: Active Ingredient: hydrogen peroxide
Other Ingredients: water,​ ceteth-20,​ cetyl alcohol,​ paraffinum liquidum,​ sodium lauryl sulfate,​ others
●Always test before use.
[How to test]
1. Mix a small amount of testing solution (mix one part A and one part B solutions).
2. Apply a small amount of the test solution on your upper arm and leave it on for 7- to 8 minutes. If redness,​ swelling,​ itchiness,​ or severe irritation develops,​ do not use this product.
3. After testing,​ rinse with water or lukewarm water. If you have particularly sensitive skin,​ check again for skin abnormalities over a period of 48 hours before using the product.
1. Mix one part A and one part B solutions,​ approx. 20g each,​ in the provided tray. Mix until evenly mixed. This amount will cover both arms or both legs (knees) for bleaching. (The tray is marked at 20g intervals.)
Use the mixed solution immediately; leaving it unused will be detrimental toward its effectiveness.
2. Apply the product to the area you want to bleach with the spatula,​ enough to cover the hair. After 5 minutes,​ wipe off a small portion to check on the effect. If the hair hasn’t bleached enough,​ wait for another 2 to 3 minutes.
Do not leave product on for more than 7 to 8 minutes. If you leave it on longer than the specified time,​ you may experience temporary inflammation of the skin. If inflammation occurs,​ apply a cold towel to chill the area.
3. After bleaching,​ rinse well with water or lukewarm water.
Do not use soaps or body brushes to rinse off the product; this will irritate your skin.
4. If one application did not bleach sufficiently,​ do not leave product on more than 7 to 8 minutes. Wash it off and try again a day later.
5. Tone your skin milk lotion or cream after bleaching.
[Note Before Use]
1. Please do not use in the following situations:
If you have wounds,​ swelling,​ eczema sores,​ inflammation,​ etc. on your arms,​ legs,​ or underarms where you intend to remove hair.
Before and after menstruation,​ the pre-natal and post-partum period,​ during the recovery period of an illness,​ etc.
If you have existing conditions such as kidney disease or blood disease (seek a specialist's advice before use).
2. Do not use other than for removing hair from arms,​ legs,​ and underarms.
Cannot be used for removal of facial (eyebrows,​ unwanted facial hair,​ men's beards,​ etc.) or head hair. Wash any product off your fingernails immediately.
3. Do not use soaps,​ body brushes,​ softening lotion,​ etc.,​ when rinsing,​ as these will irritate the skin.
1. Use in a well-ventilated place.
2. Be careful that the product or the water from rinsing does not get into eyes or mouth. If you get the product in your eyes,​ do not rub. Immediately rinse and seek an eye doctor's assistance. Do not self-medicate w/eye drops,​ etc.
3. If you develop redness,​ swelling,​ itchiness,​ or severe irritation,​ immediately stop using and thoroughly rinse off the product. If you continue its use,​ the symptoms may worsen.
4. If a rash develops,​ do not rub it. Seek the help of a dermatologist immediately. Do not self-medicate.
5. Your skin may look white after use but it will revert to normal after a while.
6. Be careful not to get the product on clothing,​ flooring,​ walls,​ furniture,​ or furnishings. If it does,​ immediately wipe with a wet cloth or wash with water.
●Contents: 55g + 55g
●Made in Japan
Item No.  BH02305

Kracie epilat Speedy Bleaching Cream / Beauty/ Hair Removal/ Body Care
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