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KOJI Spring Heart Eyelash 04 /Beauty/ Makeup/ Miscellaneous Goods

JP¥ 460   (US$ 4.24)
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For days when you want your eyes to look outstanding! Faux eyelashes to give you gorgeous volume with long length and maximum impact! The lash band is thick to outline your eyes.
●Due to item revision/development,​ the design,​ packaging,​ etc.,​ of an item may change without prior notice.
●Comes with adhesive
[How to Apply] After curling your own lashes with eyelash curler,​ apply mascara if necessary.
1. Remove faux lashes from container by holding the end with tweezers.
2. To make lashes easier to apply,​ hold both ends gently,​ then bend and stretch about 10 times.
3. Cut,​ if necessary,​ to match your eye width. You will get a natural look if you cut either end by 2-3 mm so that it fits the width of your eye.
(Be careful not to cut after attaching to your eyes.)
4. Brush on the attached adhesive glue evenly along the faux lash root.
5. When the adhesive is half dry,​ look downward and attach 1mm above actual lash root with a gentle pressing motion.
[How to Remove]
1. Remove by holding the faux eyelashes by the base and slowly peeling from the outer end of eye.
2. Clean any adhesive left on faux eyelashes. Place them back into container for storage,​ making sure each is in the correct side.
3. When they get soiled,​ dampen cotton in lukewarm water and wipe gently.
With correct care,​ faux eyelashes can be used repeatedly. This does not apply if you use a curler or mascara on them.
●Caution: If the adhesive causes irritation to your skin,​ please stop use immediately. The adhesive is made with cosmetic ingredients. (Main Ingredient: natural rubber latex) If you are prone to allergic reactions,​ please perform a patch test before using. (Rub some adhesive on the inner side of your upper arm and leave for 24 hours to check for irritation.)
●Contents: 1 Pair
●Country of origin: Faux eyelashes from China,​ Adhesive glue from Japan
Item No.  BH02313

KOJI Spring Heart Eyelash 04 /Beauty/ Makeup/ Miscellaneous Goods
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