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Unicharm,​ Sofy Body Fit Light & Slim / Sanitary Napkin

JP¥ 520   (US$ 4.79)
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This ultra-slim sanitary napkin feels so comfortable that you might forget you're using it. A “non-spreading sheet”, which efficiently absorbs menstrual blood on the spot, is used and it reduces the stress on your skin as only a tiny area of blood touches it. The sheet is also breathable, so you can feel dry and comfortable for a long time.
●Its packaging,​ design may change without prior notice.
●Surface Material: polyester,​ polyethylene
●A: without wings,​ B: w/wings
●For light day,​ 17.5cm
●Discontinue use should it disagree with skin.
●Do not flush in toilet after use.
●Its design may slightly differ from images.
●Contents: A: 38 sheets,​ B: 30 sheets
●Made in Japan
Item No.  BH02352

Unicharm,​ Sofy Body Fit Light & Slim / Sanitary Napkin
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