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Sunstar G.U.M Soft-Picks,​ Mint Flavored,​ 20 Picks / Dental,​ Oral Hygiene

JP¥ 440   (US$ 4.05)
  • SSS-S: Fine Type
  • S-L: Slightly Thick Type
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    Soft, rubber type dental picks (interdental toothpicks). Effective in removing food left between teeth and periodontal plaque. Gentle to your teeth and gums. It comes with a case useful for carrying.
    A: SSS-S: Fine Type
    B: SS-M: Slightly Fine Type
    C: S-L: Slightly Thick Type
    (1)Take out one soft pick for use.
    (2) Whilst looking in the mirror,​ slowly and straightly insert pick between teeth and move back and forth.
    [Recommended for the following]
    For when you want to clean between your teeth after eating etc.
    When you easily want to remove something between your teeth when you are outside.
    [Please Note]
    ●Bending whilst inserting between back teeth or forcefully inserting between difficult gaps can cause it to break and be swallowed. Do not forcefully insert of bend the shaft.
    ●Use dental floss if you cannot insert properly.
    ●Insert slowly and straight without applying too much force.
    ●Do not rotate the shaft.
    ●Bleeding may occur when used for the first time. Should bleeding continue,​ please consult a dentist.
    ●Store out of reach of children.
    ●Item is disposable. Do not reuse.
    ●Contents: 20
    ●Made in Germany
    Item No.  BH02359

    Sunstar G.U.M Soft-Picks,​ Mint Flavored,​ 20 Picks / Dental,​ Oral Hygiene
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