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Lion Clinica Sponge Floss,​ 40m / Dental,​ Oral Hygiene

JP¥ 450   (US$ 4.05)
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Dental floss that expands into a spongy state when in contact with saliva, removing plaque between teeth. Swells to 3-4 times its original thickness with moisture, is gentle on gums and effective in removing plaque. The floss surface has water-soluble wax applied to it for smooth flossing. Contains the natural sweetener xylitol.
*The color cannot be chosen.
●Case color cannot be chosen
●Store out of reach of small children.
●Insert gently between teeth so you don't damage your gums.
●Contents: 40m
●Made in Japan
Item No.  BH02422

Lion Clinica Sponge Floss,​ 40m / Dental,​ Oral Hygiene
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