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Platius Beautiful Teeth Cleaner / Dental,​ Oral Care

JP¥ 2,440   (US$ 21.94)
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Tooth Beauty Step Care originated from the idea of skincare. Platius propose you to introduce steps to care for your teeth in the same way as you do for your skin and hair.
With original extra-fine (with 0.02mm super-fine tips) high-density bristles and sonic vibrations, the tooth paste will become rich foam, which brings out the stains which you cannot remove by an ordinary brush and dislodges them. The bristle tips that have a gentle feel together with the power of sonic vibrations thoroughly remove the accumulated stains.

(STEP 1) Bring out the stains
Coat areas of the teeth with creamy foam to dislodge accumulated stains.(STEP 2) Remove the stains
Remove the stains with the power of the extra-fine high-density bristles and sonic vibrations.(STEP 3) Maintain and protect teeth
Mild liquid coats the surface of your teeth maintaining and protecting your shiny and healthy teeth from stains.
[Creamy Up Paste Ingredients]
Liquid sorbitol,​ PG,​ anhydrous silicic acid,​ silicon dioxide,​ xanthane gum,​ others
●Bristle Firmness: soft
●Should an abnormality such as a rash appear,​ discontinue use and bring the item to your doctor.
[Set Contents]
Platius Beautiful Teeth Cleaner x 1
Platius Creamy Up Paste 10g x 1
●Made in Japan
Item No.  BH02425

Platius Beautiful Teeth Cleaner / Dental,​ Oral Care
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